PhilGEPS and the Liga ng mga Barangay

07 Mar

When I was told to attend the Liga ng mga Barangay Meeting at ABC Hall (related to my proposition to register all barangays in the PhilGEPS), I cannot hide a certain degree of excitement. That is why even the notification as just last night, I took time to prepare a slide show presentation to discuss the need for compliance with Republic Act 9184 otherwise known as “Government Procurement Reform Act”.

I prepared a FAQ-type of presentation on common misconceptions about the procurement law. To share with blog-followers:

Tanong: Ang pag-rehistro ng Barangay sa PhilGEPS ay hindi mandatory. Tama po ba ito?

Sagot: MALI. Sang-ayon sa Sec.8.3.1 ng Implementing Rules and Regulations ng RA 9184:“All Procuring Entities are mandated to fully use the PhilGEPSin accordance with the policies, rules, regulations, and procedures adopted by the GPPB and  embodied  in this  IRR. x x x” ; Ano ba ang Procuring Entity? “Refers to any branch, constitutional commission or office, agency,department,   bureau, office, or instrumentality of the GOP (NGA), including GOCC, GFI, SUC and   LGU procuring goods, consulting services and infrastructure projects.” ( Ang barangay bilang isang LGU, ay kabilang dito.

Tanong: Ang aming barangay ay hindi na nagsasagawa ng Public Bidding dahil sa liit ng aming pondo, tama po ba ito?

Sagot: MALI. Sang-ayon sa Sec.10 ng Implementing Rules and Regulations ng RA 9184: “All procurement shall be done through competitive bidding, except as provided in Rule XVI of this IRR”

Tanong: Dahil maliit lang ang pondo ng aming barangay, hindi na kailangan i-post sa PhilGEPS ang aming procurement. Tama po ba ito?

Sagot: MALI. Sang-ayon sa Sec.54.2 ng Implementing Rules and Regulations ng RA 9184, kailangan pa ring i-post sa PhilGEPS ang procurement kapag ito ay (a) Shopping (Sec.52), (b) Two-Failed Biddings (Sec.53.1) at (c) Small Value Procurement (Sec.53.9). Ngunit dahil may probisyon sa Sec.54.3 na: “In all instances of alternative methods  of procurement, the BAC, x x x, shall post, for information purposes, the notice of award in the PhilGEPS website, x x x” Kailangan pa rin natin i-post lahat para sa transparency at public monitoring.

Tanong: Maaari na kaming hindi magparehistro sa PhilGEPS dahil wala naman kaming computer at internet connection. Tama po ba ito?

Sagot: MALI. Laging may paraan. Ayon sa Sec.8.2.3(c): “Procuring Entities without internet access may avail of the PhilGEPS Public Access Terminals which shall be installed at DBM-designated locations x x x”. Dahil ang PhilGEPS ay mandatory, dapat mapag-ukulan ng sapat na pondo ang pagpapatupad nito.

Tanong: Ano ang susunod na hakbang matapos ang  pagkarehistro sa PhilGEPS?

Sagot: Gamitin ang PhilGEPS sang-ayon sa itinakda ng batas. Ang paggamit nito ay pagdodokumento ng ating mga transaksyon na may kinalaman sa paggasta ng pondo ng barangay. Subalit sa maling paggamit, ang audit log ng PhilGEPS ay ay maaari ding gamitin laban sa atin.

Unfortunately, there was no projector for my slideshow. And after almost three (3) hours of waiting (I arrived 9:00AM but I was the last to speak at 11:45AM), I only manage to discuss in 10 minutes, reminding the fifty (50) more barangays to submit their Information Form/Sheet for PhilGEPS registration purposes. Nonetheless, the purpose of my presence is more than enough to continue as the instrument for change. It doesn’t really matter if the message was considered as a bell ring for lunch break, for as long as they (Punong Barangays) knew of the pending compliance and at least someone is watching them.


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3 responses to “PhilGEPS and the Liga ng mga Barangay

  1. Noel eroa

    January 27, 2013 at 6:50 pm

    Pwede na ba I post sa philgeps kahit wala pa download ng funds fron NGAs, para pag nag download ay ready na for implementation, may commitment na for funding release. Para habang hinihintay ay naka post na sa philgeps. Baka kasi abutin election ban ng march 29. Thanks

  2. Barangay, Alameda, Igbaras, Iloilo

    November 12, 2014 at 10:55 am

    To register on philgeps


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