Building a Cathedral on Ridge

18 Mar

It’s been a few days off my blog and the paper works are piling up. But before going BACk to my assign tasks, I have tried to reflect on he past Team Building Seminar Workshop at DAP, Tagaytay City last March 13-15, 2012.

The familiar Mr. Ping Sotto was in the house. It reminded me of the April 24-25, 2008 LEADING CHANGE seminar held at Pilipinas Shell Training Center, Pililia, Rizal. The concepts will “shake your world”. But to me, the learning just reminded me of things I have been through. This year’s slide presentation was titled LEADING CHANGE 2. It was to no surprise much of the topics were already “self explanatory” and the exercises are “alternate realities”.

One important topic that was left was the phrase “building a cathedral”. On the slide, there were three kinds of persons doing the same thing. All of them were asked on what are they doing. The first one answered “I am laying bricks”. The second one answered “I am building a wall”. The third one answered “I am building a cathedral”. It was not elaborated further in the seminar but I made a more extensive study on the three scenarios. Based on their answers, I came up to my own conclusion:

The first one appeared to be the a person who does things only when ordered. He does not have the initiative nor a complete idea of what he is doing. He is just comfortable doing things and relied mostly in the “present” than in any other timeline. He also has a little understanding of the work.

The second one is the person who knows what he is doing but not quite sure where it will lead him to. He has the understanding of the immediate future and it is all unclear to him. He has the initiative but only focused on the area he can see and handle. He knows his work but has less concern of the end product.

The third one is the person we are expected to be. One who knows his work and understands its purpose. He does not simply look on the materials and its building parts, but also realized that it was not the brick nor the wall but the cathedral he is building. He is imaginative and creative. He is motivated. He knows that when his job is done, It will be for the greater purpose for mankind.

Unfortunately for most of the participants, this is just another time for story telling. Many are very much concerned of their individuality. Should only all the members of the team thought the same way as the third person, they can work together more effectively and efficiently, as they all know what are they building. But granted we are all like the third person above, can we serve our best purpose if we are building a cathedral in a ridge?

Look at this way. Building the structure in a solid foundation is wise, but building it on a ridge like building it on sand, not quite intellectual. Given the experts have thought of it and designed it properly, it will still take much of the precious resources building it. Advantages versus disadvantages must be well considered. In a ridge, the view may be magnificent. The serenity and solemnity of the location is well fitted for a cathedral. But how about the persons who will go into it after it is constructed? Why would people need to perish in attending the worship or mass, just because the persons who chose the location wanted it as an exhibit of expertise and professional knowledge.

In the end, we may all fulfill our individual missions in life and build that cathedral. But to choose where to build it may be more important than how to build it. The manner this write up was constructed is in the same manner my message is with this article. Some questions are considered to be the best answers, while some of the best answers are still questions. Did you get it? I hope we are building ours in the right place.

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