Suppression: More Dangerous Than Oppression

21 Mar

Oppression is the act of subjugating by cruelty or force. Suppression is the act of withholding, restraining or preventing further action. In both cases, one thing is sure – there are superior and inferior beings.

In oppressing individuals, the inferior class may simply accept their fate and hold their hands up in the air for any blow the oppressor may give them. Nobody is fighting back. In most cases, people simply die of surrendering their rights.

In suppression, no heavy “batting” occurs and the aggrieved party doesn’t seem to be aggrieved at all. That is because they were given rights and privileges. Unfortunately in the reign of suppression, all that people are free to do are non-conformable, unacceptable, and in short, taboo. And because these people knew what they have to do, they will not die in ignorance and frustrations. Suppression gives them more power to go on. And that made them more dangerous.

Dead men tell no tales. Those were the oppressed. But suppressed people are living in a legacy. They write, they speak, and they touch people’s lives. They are like “water” that cannot be contained in one’s hand for so long without spilling. They are like the earth’s crust waiting for tectonic and volcanic actions.

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