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Crossroads: Logic vs. Intuition

After a period of ups and downs, left and rights, ins and outs, here I am again on crossroads.

In one way, I will remain on the field I am familiar with. I have studied far enough for almost a decade and have worked for it half my life. It is my title and achievement. One would see it as a comfort zone for me. It highlighted my ability to surpass the common understanding of science and mathematics and made into action the applications of their pure forms. I am being paid in a position which fruited in these roots. But now, less of that knowledge and expertise is being used. Intuition and creativity now followed through and covered up the technical genius.

The other way, I will be a different person with very unfamiliar environment. I have been with the peers of this field for the past years. It is what they call me when I am not. It is what they expected of me when I am not doing it. It brought out the other side of my brain and reasoning far beyond any logic. I was walking along this railroad where trains are crossing. I was also being paid in a job, not by the fruits I bear, but by the inspiration I can give. I have acquired knowledge and expertise in a very different environment. I have grown a different tree out of passion and advocacy. This now offers me a more clear future and chance to take me to a whole new different level of career development.

The first way needs only reinforcement. The other way needs digging up new foundations and frontiers. The first way is stable but flat. The other way is unstable but steep. The first way is the continuation of my life. The other way is very unorthodox. I have to decide though. If I had to take the other road, I had to break logic. Should I decide to stay on my course, I have to leave my intuitive side. I have one (1) week to make the choice.

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