A Pseudo Sacrifice

16 Jul


It has been two (2) months since my last post. A lot of things already happened. And things  that happened are not easy to handle. They were not just a stories or blog waiting to be written. They were more than anyone with less heart and motivation could handle. They were decisions.

In having decided what would be the life I will have to face in the next five (5) years, a sacrifice is necessary. Or should I say “a sacrifice today, but a gain in the future”. Should all things go hand in hand the way I planned and foresee it, It would be a sacrifice worth a lifetime. But make no mistake. This sacrifice is not just about for my future or my family’s future. Above any other noble reason, this would be the fulfillment of an advocacy – for justice and fairness.

In the next blog posts, you may be encountering a different set of topics as a by-product of my chosen career. But nonetheless, I will be driving at old topics from time to time. I just hope I will never fail to interest those who have subscribed in this blog.

Godspeed to all our chosen lives!

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