Quingwa vs. Puno [A.C. No. 389 February 28, 1967]

06 Aug

Ponente:  REGALA, J.


Complainant Flora Quingwa filed before the Supreme Court a verified complaint charging respondent Atty. Armando Puno, a member of the Bar, with gross immorality and misconduct. Complainant and respondent were engaged to be married. One time, the respondent invited the complainant to watch a movie, but later they went to a hotel to perform the sexual act with a promise and assurance of marriage. Complainant begged respondent not to molest her but respondent insisted, telling her: ‘anyway I have promised to marry you’. Complainant submitted to respondent’s plea for sexual intercourse because of respondent’s promise of marriage and not because of a desire for sexual gratification or of voluntariness and mutual passion.


Whether or not Atty. Puno should be disbarred.


YES. Respondent’s name was ordered to be stricken off the Roll of Attorneys.


[T]he respondent has committed a grossly immoral act and has, thus disregarded and violated the fundamental ethics of his profession. Indeed, it is important that members of this ancient and learned profession of law must conform themselves in accordance with the highest standards of morality. As stated in paragraph 29 of the Canons of Judicial Ethics:

… The lawyer should aid in guarding the bar against the admission to the profession of candidates unfit or unqualified because deficient in either moral character or education. He should strive at all times to uphold the honor and to maintain the dignity of the profession and to improve not only the law but the administration of justice.

[A] “grossly immoral conduct” is now one of the grounds for suspension or disbarment. (Section 27, Rule 138, Rules of Court).

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