The Aftermath of Monsoon Rains

08 Aug

“It is not yet over.”

While the extreme and severe flooding was again experienced by Filipinos in Luzon, especially NCR and nearby provinces, more is yet to come. Imagine that the rains were brought about by monsoon? There is no tropical storm or unique weather disturbance yet. Simply monsoon.

After the effects of the extreme, this moment of reflection. Why did all these things happen? Who are to blame? Who are we going to sue for the unnecessary deaths and injuries to both persons and properties? The question to answer the responsible is to ask who did not took part of the solution with the problem?

Have we made our individual efforts in re-using, reducing, and recycling of our refuses and wastes? Have we exerted efforts to influence others to be equally aware of the consequences? If so, why are there tons of garbage in Manila Bay? Why are there clogged drainage systems not serving their purpose? Why, despite of the millions and even billions of government funds spent on the infrastructure projects to mitigate and solve flooding, the same problems exist?

Rain is supposedly a nature-made blessing. Flooding is a man made-disaster. What tuned the blessing into a disaster is man’s willful disregard of the nature. The government is just an instrument to solve certain issues but much more can be made if only every Filipino does his or her part as a concerned citizen. Worthy to quote Article 19 of the New Civil Code:

Every person must, in the exercise of his rights, and in the performance of his duties, act with justice, give everyone his due, and observe honesty and good faith.

If only all will abide with this principle, there is nothing more to dispute in courts, less on everyday lives. Like the season of monsoon, we all hope that we do not act apropos. As I have begun my article, “it is not over yet”. Spend the rest of our lives more meaningfully. In these times, be aware, be involved, but more importantly, be safe.

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