16 Aug

[Per Curiam]


[T]he Commission on Bar Integration  submitted its Report with the “earnest recommendation” — on the basis of the said Report and the proceedings had in Administrative Case No. 526  of the Court, and “consistently with the views and counsel received from its [the Commission’s] Board of Consultants, as well as the overwhelming nationwide sentiment of the Philippine Bench and Bar” — that “(the) Honorable (Supreme) Court ordain the integration of the Philippine Bar as soon as possible through the adoption and promulgation of an appropriate Court Rule.” The petition in Adm. Case No. 526 formally prays the Court to order the integration of the Philippine Bar, after due hearing, giving recognition as far as possible and practicable to existing provincial and other local Bar associations.


(1) Does the Court have the power to integrate the Philippine Bar?

(2) Would the integration of the Bar be constitutional?

(3) Should the Court ordain the integration of the Bar at this time?


YES. On all issues.


[T]he Court is of the view that it may integrate the Philippine Bar in the exercise of its power, under Article VIII, Sec. 13 of the Constitution, “to promulgate rules concerning x x x the admission to the practice of law.”

The Court is fully convinced, after a thoroughgoing conscientious study of all the arguments adduced in Adm. Case No. 526 and the authoritative materials and the mass of factual data contained in the exhaustive Report of the Commission on Bar Integration, that the integration of the Philippine Bar is “perfectly constitutional and legally unobjectionable,” within the context of contemporary conditions in the Philippines, has become an imperative means to raise the standards of the legal profession, improve the administration of justice, and enable the Bar to discharge its public responsibility fully and effectively.

[T]he Court, by virtue of the power vested in it by Section 13 of Article VIII of the Constitution, ordained the integration of the Bar of the Philippines effective January 16, 1973.

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