Annual Procurement Plan (Part 2 of 4)

22 Aug

Sa pagpapatuloy ng usapin sa APP o Annual Procurement Plan, halina’t sundan natin ang sinasabi ng batas ukol sa pagbuo o pagbabago nito:

7.3. The APP shall be formulated and revised only in accordance with the following guidelines:

7.3.1. At the start of every budget period, the procuring entity shall prepare its proposed budget for the succeeding calendar year, taking into consideration the budget framework for that year in order to reflect its priorities and objectives for the budget period.

7.3.2. The end-user units of the procuring entity shall prepare their respective Project Procurement Management Plan (PPMP) for their different programs, activities, and projects (PAPs). The PPMP shall include:

a)     information on whether PAPs will be contracted out, implemented by administration in accordance with the guidelines issued by the GPPB, or consigned;

b)     the type and objective of contract to be employed;

c)     the extent/size of contract scopes/packages;

d)     the procurement methods to be adopted, and indicating if the procurement tasks are to be outsourced as provided in Section 53.6 of this IRR;

e)     the time schedule for each procurement activity and for the contract implementation; and

f) the estimated budget for the general components of the contract.

For purposes of this Section, consignment refers to an arrangement where the following requisites are present: (a) delivery of goods by their owner (consignor), without sale, to a government agency (consignee); (b) consignee must try to sell the goods and remit the price of the sold goods to the consignor; (c) consignee accepts without any liability except for failure to reasonably protect them from damage; (d) no disbursement of government funds is involved; and (e) at terms not disadvantageous to the GOP.

7.3.3. The PPMP shall then be submitted to the procuring entity’s Budget Office. The procuring entity’s Budget Office shall evaluate each end-user’s submitted PPMP and, if warranted, include it in the procuring entity’s budget proposal for approval by the Head of the Procuring Entity.


Tingnan natin ang isang katanungang binuksan at sinagot sa GPPB Online Forum:

Q: Can we procure with PPMP alone? To be followed with APP that we are consolidating now?[slayer]

A: Section 7.1 of IRR-A (now on Sec.7.2 of Revised IRR) is very categorical on the prohibition on procurement without an approved APP. It provides, among others that: “No government procurement shall be undertaken unless it is in accordance with an approved Annual Procurement Plan.” So without an APP approved by your HOPE, you cannot procure. [RDV]


Ahhh, yun pala ang PPMP as related sa APP. Ang HOPE pala ay isang tao na nag-aaprove. Pero sino? Hindi pa rin malinaw?  Antabayanan po natin sa mga susunod na isyu.


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2 responses to “Annual Procurement Plan (Part 2 of 4)

  1. Joel esparagoza

    January 19, 2016 at 10:30 pm

    Based on section 7.3.2 of the procurement act, is consignment covered by the procurement act.?

    • engrjhez

      February 8, 2016 at 11:26 am

      No. RA No. 9184 only applies to procurement, i.e. acquisition of goods, civil works and consulting services. There is no procurement involved in consignment as you are merely facilitating the acquisition.


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