On your day…

30 Aug

Today is just like any other Thursday. Subtle, breezy and very idle for many. To many us, this is not a day to go out for many obvious reasons. Work, school and “color coding”. But whatever the reasons may be, no one can stop making this day special for my wife. It’s her birthday.

I cannot help but make this prose to show and speak, at least in my own way, how I wanted to be with her all the time. How I wanted to talk to her all of the time. How I wanted to cherish each and every moment with her as if we are literally as we feel – inseparable. But the rules of the society and the dictates of culture tell us that we need to work. We need to sacrifice our time and be apart in order that we could be together longer.

Without any words, I feel how she wanted me to turn back the time when we were not so preoccupied. I wanted too. But the fruit of love, i.e. our children, and their needs, suggest we might have to render some degree of sacrifice, and work even longer and harder, so that we live in a comfortable setup. We have to plan and invest in a more stable and lasting profession than we have. As long as we are not so stable, we cannot just sit and relax. God knows, how I wanted to bring those years back. Maybe not now. But I am working so hard to get it in the near future.

Today is to forget all of those above and seize the day. For without my wife in her personality, I cannot be anybody myself, neither our children. While my wife gives her thanks to the Lord for another year of healthy life, we, RJ and Jacob, thank Thee also, that we are blessed of having her in our lives. We can never ask for more.

To Rhea,


I may be physically and mentally absent, but not spiritually with you.


From Jhez.


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2 responses to “On your day…

  1. Rhea Reyes Salvador

    September 1, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    just read your message while having a break w/RJ’s tutorial session hehe. last thursday was one of the happiest moment in my life-celebrating my special day with the special persons who i love the most. thank you for spending your whole day with me,i’m so touched with your message that i almost cried, because that’s also how i exactly feel. i know how hard for you to equally divide your precious time with all your activities,but i want you to know that i really really value and appreciate your effort to give us quality time instead of resting/sleeping after long hours of studying. i’ll always be here to support and love you till the end, sooo thankful to have you in my life (with 2 extra boys on the side) – I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ENGR./ATTY. JHEZ SALVADOR!!!! mwah!

  2. engrjhez

    August 30, 2013 at 8:33 am

    Reblogged this on Legem Advocatus and commented:

    Your day this year is Friday. TGIF! I’d like to re-blog my post last year.. The feeling never changed. You are still the lady I admired and loved for more than a decade. I love you! mwah!


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