For the Love of Country

06 Sep


Supreme sacrifice, what are thy cost?

Supreme sacrifice is an ideal state where in a person offer his life for some ultimate reasons. For there are no greater love (except for Divine love) than one’s love for the country. It has been expressed and exhibited by our heroes like Rizal and Bonifacio. The love of country knows no nationality, no color or race, and no language could better explain it than the actions of those undertaking it. At least this was the old-fashion concept of heroism.

There were several attempts from political figures to imitate it in any manner. Some were successful, but most were not. Some were sincere, but most were not. The appearance of being a true patriot is appealing. That is why politicians will always exert efforts so that people would believe they live to serve. But truth is? They serve to live, an extravagant life at the expense of the perishing poor.

Action speaks louder than voice. But how can we act if we are under suppression? That any action that would be adversarial to malicious interests of some public officials and employees would be fatal. Now we go back to the idea that “pen is mightier than the sword” whose author’s modern version is now “keyboard or keypad to the internet is more powerful than an inter-continental ballistic missile”. Social media is now life being shared knowingly or unknowingly. And at this modern age, the concept of sacrifice can be in the littlest of a blog. That when one still write his ideas despite the absence of ample time to do endless tasks is a form of sacrifice.

To me, the modern day supreme sacrifice no longer necessitates loss of one’s physical life. Losing one’s precious time is already tantamount to losing part of one’s life. Making people more aware that the are advocates and crusaders of right and justice despite the deprivation of their own is more than enough legacy to be left upon. And for one who upholds the Constitution, obey the laws of the land, and promote respect for law and legal processes, leaves these important phrases:

“For the love or country, not for the love of money.” In Filipino, “Para sa bayan, hindi para sa bayad”.

It may not be supreme, but it is one hell of of a concept.

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