Mga “Observers” ng Public Bidding

13 Sep

Matapos nating maipakilala ang komposisyon ng BAC, Secretariat at TWG, dumako naman tayo sa grupo na may katumbas na importansya sa procurement – ang mga observers o mga tagapagmatyag. Sabi sa Section 13, dalawa (2) ang observers na nararapat na imbitahan bukod sa Commission on Audit o COA (na regular na kasama sa pagmamatyag):

13.1. To enhance the transparency of the process, the BAC shall, in all stages of the procurement process, invite, in addition to the representative of the COA, at least two (2) observers, who shall not have the right to vote, to sit in its proceedings where:

a)      At least one (1) shall come from a duly recognized private group in a sector or discipline relevant to the procurement at hand, for example:

i) For infrastructure projects, national associations of constructors duly recognized by the Construction Industry Authority of the Philippines (CIAP), such as, but not limited to the following:

      (1) Philippine Constructors Association, Inc.;

      (2) National Constructors Association of the Philippines, Inc.; and

      (3) Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE).

ii) For goods, a specific relevant chamber-member of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

iii) For consulting services, a project-related professional organization accredited or duly recognized by the Professional Regulation Commission or the Supreme Court, such as, but not limited to:

       (1) PICE;

       (2) Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA); and

       (3) Confederation of Filipino Consulting Organizations; and

b) The other observer shall come from a non-government organization (NGO).

Sang-ayon sa Section 13.2, kailangang rehistrado ang mga mapipiling observer (kung maliban sa mga nabanggit sa itaas) sa Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) o sa Cooperative Development Authority (CDA). Kailangan din na may sapat na kasanayan o expertise sa bagay o serbisyong ipo-procure. Subalit higit sa lahat, dapat ay walang personal na interes ang observer sa kontratang pinaglalaban o yung tinatawag na conflict of interest. Kung ang grupo ng observer ay kasali din sa bidding, hindi sila dapat payagan na umupo bilang observer.

Ang mga observers ay dapat na padalhan ng written notification na hindi iikli sa tatlong araw bago sumapit ang aktibidad sa procurement. Hindi kasali sa botohan ng desisyon ang mga observers at hindi mababalewala ang proceedings ng BAC sa kawalan ng observers.


Q: What are the responsibilities of the observers?

A: Under Section 13.4, the observers shall have the following responsibilities:

a)      To prepare the report either jointly or separately indicating their observations made on the procurement activities conducted by the BAC for submission to the Head of the Procuring Entity, copy furnished the BAC Chairman. The report shall assess the extent of the BAC’s compliance with the provisions of the IRR and areas of improvement in the BAC’s proceedings;

b)      To submit their report to the procuring entity and furnish a copy to the GPPB and Office of the Ombudsman/Resident Ombudsman. If no report is submittedby the observer, then it is understood that the bidding activity conducted by the BAC followed the correct procedure; and

c)      To immediately inhibit and notify in writing the procuring entity concerned of any actual or potential interest in the contract to be bid.

Observers shall be allowed access to the following documents upon their request, subject to signing of a confidentiality agreement: (a) minutes of BAC meetings; (b) abstract of Bids; (c) post-qualification summary report; (d) APP and related PPMP; and (e) opened proposals.

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