New Items in the Virtual Store

03 Oct

New items have been added in the Electronic Catalogue of common goods, supplies, materials and equipment in PhilGEPS. These items are carried on stock by the Procurement Service (PS) and are now readily available for purchase in the Virtual Store (VS) as of September 2012. The VS is a feature of PhilGEPS that facilitates the electronic processing of purchase of common goods from PS by all procuring entities.
Below is the list of the new items:

  • BINDER, 3-RING, D-TYPE, A4 size
  • BINDER, 3-RING, D-TYPE, legal size
  • TAPE DISPENSER, handheld, for 48mm
  • RING BINDER, plastic, 6mmx1.12m
  • RING BINDER, plastic, 8mmx1.12m
  • RING BINDER, plastic, 10mmx1.12m
  • RING BINDER, plastic, 11mmx1.12m
  • RING BINDER, plastic, 14mmx1.12m
  • RING BINDER, plastic, 16mmx1.12m
  • RING BINDER, plastic, 22mmx1.12m
  • RING BINDER, plastic, 28mmx1.12m
  • RING BINDER, plastic, 32mmx1.12m
  • MONOBLOC TABLE, square 35×35″ min., beige
  • MONOBLOC TABLE, square 35×35″ min., white
    • HP 564XL cyan/magenta/yellow
    • HP 92298A black
    • HP C4127X black
    • HP C4129X black
    • HP C8543XC high capacity black
    • HP CB380A black
    • HP CB381A cyan
    • HP CB382A yellow
    • HP CB383A magenta
    • HP CB390A black
    • HP CC364XC high capacity black
    • HP CE255X high capacity black
    • HP CE270A black
    • HP CE271A cyan
    • HP CE272A yellow
    • HP CE273A magenta
    • HP CE310A black
    • HP CE311A cyan
    • HP CE312A yellow
    • HP CE313A magenta
    • HP CE320A black
    • HP CE321A cyan
    • HP CE322A yellow
    • HP CE323A magenta
    • HP CE390A black
    • HP CE390X high capacity black
    • HP CE400A black
    • HP CE401A cyan
    • HP CE402A yellow
    • HP CE403A magenta
    • HP CE740A black
    • HP CE741A cyan
    • HP CE742A yellow
    • HP CE743A magenta
    • HP Q1338A black
    • HP Q1339A black
    • HP Q2613A black
    • HP Q2613X high capacity black
    • HP Q3971A cyan
    • HP Q3972A yellow
    • HP Q3973A magenta
    • HP Q5950A black
    • HP Q5951A cyan
    • HP Q5952A yellow
    • HP Q5953A magenta
    • HP Q6460A black
    • HP Q6461A cyan
    • HP Q6462A yellow
    • HP Q6463A magenta
    • HP Q7516AC black
    • HP Q7551A black
    • HP Q7570A black
    • Hewlett Packard Part No. Q2624A

In addition, here is a list of upcoming new items to be included in the VS for buyers to look forward to:

  • Fluorescent Lamps (double capped) / Linear Fluorescent Lamps for T5 halophosphate and triphosphate
  • Lamp Holder/ Edison Screw type
  • Lamp Holder for tubular fluorescent lamp
  • Plugs
  • Socket Outlets
  • Extension Cords
  • Lead-acid storage batteries
  • Tires for automotive vehicles
  • Flag of the Philippines
  • Laser Pointer
  • Three-hole Puncher
  • Staple Binder
  • Staple Wire for Staple Binder
  • Box, storage, collapsible
  • Flashlight, hand-crank type
  • Radio, transistor, portable
  • First Aid Kit
  • Padlock, medium
  • Pea Whistle, plastic
  • Hard Drive, external

For more information on the items, i.e. item code, item description, price, etc. please proceed to the Catalogue tab of
The Procurement Service and PhilGEPS periodically add new items in the Virtual Store to include Common Supplies and Equipment (CSEs) frequently purchased by government agencies. Government agencies, in turn, are mandated to procure CSEs only from the Procurement Service and realize savings of up to 30% when VS prices are compared with private sources. Focus Group Discussions with client agencies and other fora become vehicles for soliciting suggestions on what other items may be added to the store. Government procuring entities may likewise e-mail the PhilGEPS at to suggest inclusion of other items in the VS.


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