Eligibility Check para sa Infra at Goods

09 Oct

Isa sa malalaking pagbabago sa Revised IRR ng RA.9184 ay ang pagbabawas ng mga dokumentong kailangan isumite sa pagsali ng Public Bidding. Kung dati ay mahigit sampu, ngayon ay nabawasan na sa lima hanggang anim ang kailangan. Sabay na rin sa pagbubukas ng unang envelope ang Eligibility Check sa Infrastuctures tulad ng sa Procurement of Goods.

23.1. For purposes of determining the eligibility of bidders using the criteria stated in Section 23.5 of this IRR, only the following documents shall be required by the BAC, using the forms prescribed in the Bidding Documents:

a) Class “A” Documents

Legal Documents

i) Registration certificate from SEC, Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for sole proprietorship, or CDA for cooperatives, or any proof of such registration as stated in the Bidding Documents.

ii) Mayor’s permit issued by the city or municipality where the principal place of business of the prospective bidder is located.

Technical Documents

iii) Statement of the prospective bidder of all its ongoing and completed government and private contracts, including contracts awarded but not yet started, if any, whether similar or not similar in nature and complexity to the contract to be bid, within the relevant period as provided in the Bidding Documents. The statement shall include all information required in the PBDs prescribed by the GPPB.

iv) In the case of procurement of infrastructure projects, a valid Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) license and registration for the type and cost of the contract to be bid.

Financial Documents

v) The prospective bidder’s audited financial statements, showing, among others, the prospective bidder’s total and current assets and liabilities, stamped “received” by the BIR or its duly accredited and authorized institutions, for the preceding calendar year which should not be earlier than two (2) years from the date of bid submission.

vi) The prospective bidder’s computation for its Net Financial Contracting

Capacity (NFCC) or a commitment from a Universal or Commercial Bank to extend a credit line in favor of the prospective bidder if awarded the contract to be bid (CLC).

b) Class “B” Document

Valid joint venture agreement (JVA), in case the joint venture is already in existence. In the absence of a JVA, duly notarized statements from all the potential joint venture partners stating that they will enter into and abide by the provisions of the JVA in the instance that the bid is successful shall be included in the bid. Failure to enter into a joint venture in the event of a contract award shall be ground for the forfeiture of the bid security. Each partner of the joint venture shall submit the legal eligibility documents. The submission of technical and financial eligibility documents by any of the joint venture partners constitutes compliance.

Kung para naman sa Consulting Services ang ikaapat na requirement (iv) ay mapapalitan lamang ng (kahalili ng PCAB License sa Infra):

iv) Statement of the consultant specifying its nationality and confirming that those who will actually perform the service are registered professionals authorized by the appropriate regulatory body to practice those professions and allied professions.


Q: If the bidder is a foreigner, what eligibility requirements will be submitted?

A: Under Section 23.2, the law states that:

“23.2. Subject to Section 37.1 of this IRR, in the case of foreign bidders, the foregoing eligibility requirements under Class “A” Documents may be substituted by the appropriate equivalent documents, if any, issued by the country of the foreign bidder concerned. The eligibility requirements or statements, the bids, and all other documents to be submitted to the BAC must be in English. A translation of the documents in English certified by the appropriate embassy or consulate in the Philippines must accompany the eligibility requirements under Class “A” and “B” Documents if they are in other foreign language.”

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