IF Asleep, I Felt Asleep

07 Dec

forgotten garden asleep

I just realized that I skipped the month of November 2012 without being able to post anything. Now, it is December 2012, and I would like to make a return by storytelling:

All Saint’s Day every November 1 is more or less the usual annual routine. Siblings gathered in late Daddy’s tomb, while evening was spent with in-laws with their late parents. On November 3, the classic long line enrollment in law school. Enrollment started at 8:00am and ended 6:00pm. It is really a test of patience and perseverance.

The start of second semester (of school) was actually the end for some frustrated students. Some received failing marks, while some realized that they are not meant to continue with it. The Arellano Law Gazette was released. I got my article published as well as the stolen shot during one of the meeting.

I have not yet published the 30+ case digests I have prepared from Statutory Construction but I hope I can earn some time to do it. Right now, people from my work are on the last minute processing of items to bid and to disburse. I have not written an article in one local newspaper  column titled “BACk ISSUES”. I figuratively “felt asleep”. When I realize I need to write again, It was December already.

Oh, the poem titled “Did I Miss Anything?” really caught me on my nerves. I even love the way how US Justice Breyer delivered it in C-Span Videos.

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