On your day…

30 Aug

Your day this year is Friday. TGIF! I’d like to re-blog my post last year.. The feeling never changed. You are still the lady I admired and loved for more than a decade. I love you! mwah!

Legem Advocatus

Today is just like any other Thursday. Subtle, breezy and very idle for many. To many us, this is not a day to go out for many obvious reasons. Work, school and “color coding”. But whatever the reasons may be, no one can stop making this day special for my wife. It’s her birthday.

I cannot help but make this prose to show and speak, at least in my own way, how I wanted to be with her all the time. How I wanted to talk to her all of the time. How I wanted to cherish each and every moment with her as if we are literally as we feel – inseparable. But the rules of the society and the dictates of culture tell us that we need to work. We need to sacrifice our time and be apart in order that we could be together longer.

Without any…

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