Maulini v. Serrano [G.R. No. L-8844. December 16, 1914]

30 Jul


The note was indorsed on the back as follows:

“Pay note to the order of Don Fernando Maulini, value received. Manila, June 5, 1912. (Sgd.) A.G. Serrano.”



Whether or not appellant is an accommodation indorser with regard to plaintiff-appellee Maulini.



NO. Appellant is not an accommodation indorser in this case. The accommodation to which reference is made in the Section 29 of Negotiable Instruments Law is not one to the person who takes the note — that is, the payee or indorsee, but one to the maker or indorser of the note. It may be true that in the case at bar it was an accommodation to the plaintiff, in a popular sense, to have the defendant indorse the note; but it was not the accommodation described in the law, but, rather, a mere favor to him and one which in no way bound Serrano.



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