Birth Day, Berth Day

29 Aug


This is a very special day – your birthday.

Birth determines personality (Art. 40, Civil Code of the Philippines). Oh, I’ll stop there because it might sound like “legal writing”. Let’s go back to the specialty of this date.

We celebrate birthdays because God gave us another year to remain in this Earth. We celebrate other’s birthday because we value and treasure that person’s life as it becomes an integral part of our personal lives. We celebrate for simple reasons of our existence. We celebrate life.

My reason for revelry is a bit different. I am celebrating the birth day of my wife. I rejoice for that day that caused the existence of the person that became my better half. The merriment of it all because I found my resting place.

My life has been exhausting since birth. Every day is a winding road. Until one fair day of October 25, 2000, I saw the girl I want to spend the rest of my life. Her birth day, gave rise to my “berth” day.

Berth is a place to sleep on a ship, train, etc. It may refer to a place near water near the shore where a ship stops and stays. (Merriam-Webster,

So now I am making this blog to greet you in a very different way. This is just to show you how I am attached to your birthday. That despite my very abhorrent work and study schedule, I am still part human that needs a refuge in your bosom. That your existence is also the reason why I live. To be more precise, my seemingly chaff life became so esteemed and priceless when you came. Now, I do not live just for the sole reason of living; but to live indefatigably to love you.

May you enjoy this day despite my whole day away. I hope our delayed celebration will not diminish the excitement and beauty of it all.

Happy Birthday!


Happy Berth-Day!

I love you always.


-Jhez 🙂

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