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Rice and shine, it’s 23:59 of 2015!

One minute before the year 2016 starts.

I have to end my 1 year of silent protest; my 12 months of having to let go of something I thought indispensable; that is 365 days without rice or any of its variant.

It might sound like a diet or something, but it’s not. I eat everything I used to eat, sans the rice or any of its variant. That means no “kanin”, “yang chow”, “java rice” “lugaw”, “goto”, “biko”, “suman” or paella; not even brown rice. To supply my carbohydrates, I eat bread. That’s it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from January 2015 until December 31, 2015.

In a few seconds, I will end the protest happy as I have attained and proven a lot of things. I learned how to live each day without our staple food. I mastered to control my gustatory nerves and tell my brain that bread is also rice. I realized that no matter how you give yourself out in the pursuit of justice, there will always be injustice. I came to know that justice, in some cases, may be served through injustice.

In a few seconds, we will all be welcoming year 2016. On my part, I will be starting another year of “giving up” some things. As to what it is will be revealed next year end like this!

Happy New Year people of this universe!


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