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My 17th Valentine’s Day With You

I love each day,

Skies blue and gray,

Just wanting to say,

That I’m here to stay,

It became a habit,

Not to set a limit,

On how to show it,

And how you love it,

We’re friends before,

I opened that door,

And walked that floor,

Sweethearts therefore,

But when we got married,

And our lives got welded,

The spark never ended,

Instead became unprecedented,

I will never get tired,

Holding your hand tight,

I will  keep your heart tied,

With my heart where it is wired,

I promise not to change,

On every single page,

Of our life and our age,

In and out of that hedge,

I won’t change a thing,

Like the way I sing,

I’ll keep on living,

I’ll keep on loving,

It’s been seventeen times,

That you’re my Valentine,

And it’s perfectly fine,

Now let’s drink that wine,

Seventeen once a year,

Seven hundred times sweeter,

Seven thousand folds lovelier,

And I’m forever your partner.

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12th month of every year;

13 years of marriage since

14 December 2003;

15 December 2000 when she first said YES and it has been

16 years  since then.

Happy Anniversary Rhea!

It isn’t about the numbers. Who said that 13 is a bad number? We’re 13 years as husband and wife, 16 years as sweethearts, yet nothing changed, except our physical attributes. God is always the heart, and love is always the blood, of our relationship.

May we continue to be ourselves – longing for each other;

May we remain indefatigable – understanding each’s strength and weaknesses;

May we continue to be the best of friends – with benefits  ;

Lüving ü always.



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Forty Reasons Why I Love You!


Hi! It’s your birthday once again. But unlike the past celebrations, this time is different. They say life begins at forty – whatever that means. I don’t know if that is even applicable in our case.

Just to give some reasons to stay in love with you, FORTY to be exact:

  1. I knew it’s you, since Day 1 when I met you;
  2. The genuineness of your smile;
  3. The sincerity of your words;
  4. You can withstand my eccentricities;
  5. You know how to take care of the “child in me”;
  6. You always think of me, and let me know it;
  7. You’re an example of religiousness;
  8. You’re not afraid to share your secrets with me;
  9. Ready to always be my confidante;
  10. My longest text and call mate;
  11. Matured thinker, ahead of your age;
  12. Consistently competent with your profession;
  13. You can drive when I cannot;
  14. You can take a two-wheeler too;
  15. You said “YES” on the 15th;
  16. You learned to kiss from me;
  17. I saw my unborn children in you even before we get married;
  18. You love music the way I do;
  19. Faithful to your promises;
  20. Unperturbed by bad influences, even from me;
  21. Not competing with me in eating “liver” stuffs;
  22. A jeepney rider but not beside the driver;
  23. You took me out of the blue… to pink!;
  24. Willing to dispose your Hello Kitty so you can have me beside you;
  25. Very understanding on my deficiencies;
  26. Disciplined and focused on matters needing it;
  27. Passionate about child care;
  28. Hands on with our kid’s school activities and assignments;
  29. Willing to sacrifice for the family’s sake;
  30. Organized on fiscal matters, a.k.a.budget queen;
  31. You mastered the map of Ayala Malls in Makati City;
  32. You admit you are unfamiliar with Mall of Asia;
  33. Always open for learning new things;
  34. Quick learner, and using it to refute my arrogance;
  35. Love just keeps on flowing from you to me and the children;
  36. Always ready to be a future lawyer’s wife;
  37. The very best friend I had;
  38. My first and last, her first and last;
  39. Very supportive and with unparalleled dedication as wife and mother;
  40. I know it will be always you… until the end of time… I LOVE YOU!

Happy Birthday! I hope I can make you as happy as you made me in our cherished years. Love you always and all the time. Mwah!

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Love and Obligation

Love is a real obligation.

It is an obligation to give,

Not an obligation to receive.

Not something you can opt,

To do or not to do.


It is a pure obligation,

And not one with a period.

Not a reciprocal obligation,

Whose fulfillment depends,

Simultaneously with others.


Love is unilateral.

It is not consensual.

Love is still love,

Even if the other can not,

Even if the other will not.

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An Order of Wedding in the Court of Love


My Wedding Message:

First of all I would like to thank the newly wed couples for inviting me, especially Nette who personally “served” me with the invitation to be a part of this once in a lifetime gathering. Well, term “served” in law means being furnished with summons, subpoena or a copy of judgment, final orders, pleadings, motions and other papers. I am glad what was served on me was an invitation in this Court of Love and not in the Court of Law. However, in a few years time, our couples here with be a formidable duo of lawyers. So brace yourselves then.

What can I say? Nette is a classmate of mine in several law school subjects. Among in the last semester were Corporation Law, Succession and Legal Forms. From the outset, Nette appears to be what she really is: a career woman who already achieved a lot in her 20’s. What she had exhibited so far is maturity in handling both life’s awesomeness and difficulties. While she struggled so hard in making sure that she gets things done with outstanding results, she still made sure that her off-school life is never compromised. That is why we are all here, to witness this milestone.

I just knew Nette for a while, but in a few chances of talking with her, I knew there’s a lot more with her than meets the eye or what soothes the ears.

To Nette: just remember what I told you. No matter how good you are, a relationship is taken care of by the man. Of course you have to talk and resolve things together. But “[i]n case of disagreement, the husband’s decision shall prevail, subject to recourse to the court by the wife for proper remedy, xxx”. Of course, you already know that in the Family Code, right?

I never had the chance to personally meet and talk with Michael but I know he’s a great guy. Only a man of dignity and intellect could surely make one Jeanette fall for him so madly and deeply in love. So to Michael:  take care of your wife, in the same way Jesus Christ took care of His church.

To Michael and Nette, all the best in your married life. God bless the both of you.


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Heart of a Valentine

for Rhea

for Rhea

It is not a heart that seeks, but the heart that finds;

Not a heart that expects, but the heart that shows;

It is not a heart that speaks, but the heart that hears;

Not a heart that explains, but the heart that express;

Each year on February 14th, many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine.” The day of romance we call Valentine’s Day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century, but has origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalia. (

Some people overdo things during this day to the point that it seems like it is the only day to express love. Some never really do anything extraordinary for simple reasons that they are already into relationship 24/7, that there is no other extraordinary with the day. Whatever the views of the celebrants, Valentines Day is a well celebrated occasion in the Philippines.

Couples of all ages are practically anywhere (not really everywhere) doing their stuffs. Restaurants, even on hotels, are more likely to be full on this day: flowers on every corner, despite the price surges; proposals pop for engagement or marriage; renewal of wedding vows on some occasions; cards and/or love letters being delivered; cherishing with kisses and intimacies; memories after memories. At least, the bright side of life is highlighted on this day.

Today, Rhea will be surprised of these unusual flowers and the usual card. This may not be the most expensive gift (although this is also not a cheap one) but it is the expression of my best effort and capacity.Despite my busiest of busy schedule, I had to crack some time with Rhea – even if it means taking off my precious study time for my hard core law subjects.

They say the heart bears the three: faith, hope and love, but the greatest among the three is love.

If one has FAITH the size of a mustard seed, he can move mountains.

If one has a string of HOPE, he can endure the worst and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Imagine if one has LOVE. Imagine the wonders it can do and the burdens it can conquer.

The heart of a valentine is such a mystery.


I love you. 1-4-3. And as the three red roses represent faith, hope and love, it is also a reminder that you are my GIRL, my WOMAN and my FRIEND. That was before, today, and forever with you. mwah!



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Birth Day, Berth Day


This is a very special day – your birthday.

Birth determines personality (Art. 40, Civil Code of the Philippines). Oh, I’ll stop there because it might sound like “legal writing”. Let’s go back to the specialty of this date.

We celebrate birthdays because God gave us another year to remain in this Earth. We celebrate other’s birthday because we value and treasure that person’s life as it becomes an integral part of our personal lives. We celebrate for simple reasons of our existence. We celebrate life.

My reason for revelry is a bit different. I am celebrating the birth day of my wife. I rejoice for that day that caused the existence of the person that became my better half. The merriment of it all because I found my resting place.

My life has been exhausting since birth. Every day is a winding road. Until one fair day of October 25, 2000, I saw the girl I want to spend the rest of my life. Her birth day, gave rise to my “berth” day.

Berth is a place to sleep on a ship, train, etc. It may refer to a place near water near the shore where a ship stops and stays. (Merriam-Webster,

So now I am making this blog to greet you in a very different way. This is just to show you how I am attached to your birthday. That despite my very abhorrent work and study schedule, I am still part human that needs a refuge in your bosom. That your existence is also the reason why I live. To be more precise, my seemingly chaff life became so esteemed and priceless when you came. Now, I do not live just for the sole reason of living; but to live indefatigably to love you.

May you enjoy this day despite my whole day away. I hope our delayed celebration will not diminish the excitement and beauty of it all.

Happy Birthday!


Happy Berth-Day!

I love you always.


-Jhez 🙂

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