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Lawyer by Choice

(As submitted to be part of “Testimonials” of the ARROWS yearbook)

Life is all about choices. A lot of people would want to be a lawyer but only a few will make it. Many would say that being a lawyer was their childhood dream. Some would only follow the steps of their parents or relatives. Others are being driven to become a lawyers by their parents. To a selected few, being a lawyer is a calling. Yet, whatever reason one should become a lawyer, the choice is a requirement. One must choose to become a lawyer.

Law school is no different. The choice of school likewise matters. To be a successful lawyer, one must rise from the education, training, and discipline of a good law school. While some law schools appear to be better than the others, it’s really more because of the kind of students who underwent the rigorous preparations of becoming a member of the noble law profession. But the training is the same. Books and cases are the same. Arellano University School of Law (AUSL) should also be the same. To be first among equals, one must choose to become first.

I choose to be a good lawyer; and I have chosen AUSL to make it happen.


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