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Forty Reasons Why I Love You!


Hi! It’s your birthday once again. But unlike the past celebrations, this time is different. They say life begins at forty – whatever that means. I don’t know if that is even applicable in our case.

Just to give some reasons to stay in love with you, FORTY to be exact:

  1. I knew it’s you, since Day 1 when I met you;
  2. The genuineness of your smile;
  3. The sincerity of your words;
  4. You can withstand my eccentricities;
  5. You know how to take care of the “child in me”;
  6. You always think of me, and let me know it;
  7. You’re an example of religiousness;
  8. You’re not afraid to share your secrets with me;
  9. Ready to always be my confidante;
  10. My longest text and call mate;
  11. Matured thinker, ahead of your age;
  12. Consistently competent with your profession;
  13. You can drive when I cannot;
  14. You can take a two-wheeler too;
  15. You said “YES” on the 15th;
  16. You learned to kiss from me;
  17. I saw my unborn children in you even before we get married;
  18. You love music the way I do;
  19. Faithful to your promises;
  20. Unperturbed by bad influences, even from me;
  21. Not competing with me in eating “liver” stuffs;
  22. A jeepney rider but not beside the driver;
  23. You took me out of the blue… to pink!;
  24. Willing to dispose your Hello Kitty so you can have me beside you;
  25. Very understanding on my deficiencies;
  26. Disciplined and focused on matters needing it;
  27. Passionate about child care;
  28. Hands on with our kid’s school activities and assignments;
  29. Willing to sacrifice for the family’s sake;
  30. Organized on fiscal matters, a.k.a.budget queen;
  31. You mastered the map of Ayala Malls in Makati City;
  32. You admit you are unfamiliar with Mall of Asia;
  33. Always open for learning new things;
  34. Quick learner, and using it to refute my arrogance;
  35. Love just keeps on flowing from you to me and the children;
  36. Always ready to be a future lawyer’s wife;
  37. The very best friend I had;
  38. My first and last, her first and last;
  39. Very supportive and with unparalleled dedication as wife and mother;
  40. I know it will be always you… until the end of time… I LOVE YOU!

Happy Birthday! I hope I can make you as happy as you made me in our cherished years. Love you always and all the time. Mwah!

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Birth Day, Berth Day


This is a very special day – your birthday.

Birth determines personality (Art. 40, Civil Code of the Philippines). Oh, I’ll stop there because it might sound like “legal writing”. Let’s go back to the specialty of this date.

We celebrate birthdays because God gave us another year to remain in this Earth. We celebrate other’s birthday because we value and treasure that person’s life as it becomes an integral part of our personal lives. We celebrate for simple reasons of our existence. We celebrate life.

My reason for revelry is a bit different. I am celebrating the birth day of my wife. I rejoice for that day that caused the existence of the person that became my better half. The merriment of it all because I found my resting place.

My life has been exhausting since birth. Every day is a winding road. Until one fair day of October 25, 2000, I saw the girl I want to spend the rest of my life. Her birth day, gave rise to my “berth” day.

Berth is a place to sleep on a ship, train, etc. It may refer to a place near water near the shore where a ship stops and stays. (Merriam-Webster,

So now I am making this blog to greet you in a very different way. This is just to show you how I am attached to your birthday. That despite my very abhorrent work and study schedule, I am still part human that needs a refuge in your bosom. That your existence is also the reason why I live. To be more precise, my seemingly chaff life became so esteemed and priceless when you came. Now, I do not live just for the sole reason of living; but to live indefatigably to love you.

May you enjoy this day despite my whole day away. I hope our delayed celebration will not diminish the excitement and beauty of it all.

Happy Birthday!


Happy Berth-Day!

I love you always.


-Jhez 🙂

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Consolidated Plywood Industries, Inc. v. IFC Leasing and Acceptance Corp [G.R. No. 72593. April 30, 1987]


A non-negotiable promissory note was issued:

“FOR VALUE RECEIVED, I/we jointly and severally promise to pay to the INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS MARKETING, the sum of ONE MILLION NINETY THREE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED EIGHTY NINE PESOS & 71/100 only (P 1,093,789.71), Philippine Currency, the said principal sum, to be payable in 24 monthly installments starting July 15, 1978 and every 15th of the month thereafter until fully paid. …”


Whether or not a non-negotiable promissory note may be assigned.


YES. The subject promissory note may be assigned. It follows then that the respondent can never be a holder in due course but remains a mere assignee of the note in question. Thus, the petitioner may raise against the respondent all defenses available to it as against the seller-assignor.


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Numbers and Letters of my Life

Numbers. All numbers.


Life, especially mine, is full of numbers. It is quite pleasing to my eyes at first glance. I recall the movie The Matrix and its trilogy. The protagonist see things in numbers, in “0” or “1”. On the contrary, it doesn’t even seemed like number. They are simply switches. “Off” or “On”. That is me, before I met you. Although I tried to write certain prose and poetry, they are merely translations of my world of numbers.

Letters. Now letters.


I tried to break apparent monotony in the past by writing letters to the girls I adore. I recall my first time to write a 30-stanza poem way back in sophomore high (when the life of Francisco Balagtas and “Florante at Laura” was thought then) to express my overflowing admiration. I also wrote several “pen pal” letters and “love letters” to the point I realized that it is all about “The Love I Never Felt”. But they were all frustrations. Until I met Rhea.

Numbers and Letters

numbers and letters

Modern technology requires not just numbers or letters but combination of both. The convenience on the use of numbers and the complexity of using letters is necessary to produce a stronger password in one’s email account. Plate numbers of vehicles are also alphanumeric to obtain a wider array of combinations. But the most important number-letter combination I cherish is my wife’s name followed by her number in my phonebook; where her mobile number is also her birth date.

What now?


She might think at this point, as I am writing this blog, that either I am studying my lessons in law school, or chatting with someone in the social media. She will realize later it is neither. I always want to make things permanent, or at least semi-permanent. Words uttered may be forgotten. Material things perish. But the power of the pen, now referred to as the power of blogging, is more powerful and vast. It does not only amaze the eyes of a reader but it also penetrates their soul. Its existence is infinite, the moment it is posted in the cyberspace. If you want to shout on the top of your lungs over the mountain, write a blog. It is a virtual substitute but works as the same less the hassle.

143 = I LOVE YOU






0830 = that is Rhea’s birthdate, to whom I dedicate all the numbers and letters above.

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On your day…

Your day this year is Friday. TGIF! I’d like to re-blog my post last year.. The feeling never changed. You are still the lady I admired and loved for more than a decade. I love you! mwah!

Legem Advocatus

Today is just like any other Thursday. Subtle, breezy and very idle for many. To many us, this is not a day to go out for many obvious reasons. Work, school and “color coding”. But whatever the reasons may be, no one can stop making this day special for my wife. It’s her birthday.

I cannot help but make this prose to show and speak, at least in my own way, how I wanted to be with her all the time. How I wanted to talk to her all of the time. How I wanted to cherish each and every moment with her as if we are literally as we feel – inseparable. But the rules of the society and the dictates of culture tell us that we need to work. We need to sacrifice our time and be apart in order that we could be together longer.

Without any…

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