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Heart of a Valentine

for Rhea

for Rhea

It is not a heart that seeks, but the heart that finds;

Not a heart that expects, but the heart that shows;

It is not a heart that speaks, but the heart that hears;

Not a heart that explains, but the heart that express;

Each year on February 14th, many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine.” The day of romance we call Valentine’s Day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century, but has origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalia. (

Some people overdo things during this day to the point that it seems like it is the only day to express love. Some never really do anything extraordinary for simple reasons that they are already into relationship 24/7, that there is no other extraordinary with the day. Whatever the views of the celebrants, Valentines Day is a well celebrated occasion in the Philippines.

Couples of all ages are practically anywhere (not really everywhere) doing their stuffs. Restaurants, even on hotels, are more likely to be full on this day: flowers on every corner, despite the price surges; proposals pop for engagement or marriage; renewal of wedding vows on some occasions; cards and/or love letters being delivered; cherishing with kisses and intimacies; memories after memories. At least, the bright side of life is highlighted on this day.

Today, Rhea will be surprised of these unusual flowers and the usual card. This may not be the most expensive gift (although this is also not a cheap one) but it is the expression of my best effort and capacity.Despite my busiest of busy schedule, I had to crack some time with Rhea – even if it means taking off my precious study time for my hard core law subjects.

They say the heart bears the three: faith, hope and love, but the greatest among the three is love.

If one has FAITH the size of a mustard seed, he can move mountains.

If one has a string of HOPE, he can endure the worst and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Imagine if one has LOVE. Imagine the wonders it can do and the burdens it can conquer.

The heart of a valentine is such a mystery.


I love you. 1-4-3. And as the three red roses represent faith, hope and love, it is also a reminder that you are my GIRL, my WOMAN and my FRIEND. That was before, today, and forever with you. mwah!



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