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Small Things (100th Post)

Everyone is so after a great achievement. Many are searching for enormous contributions of epic proportions. For what? For recognition? For publicity? For self-gain? If we are liberating ourselves from such huge targeting schemes, we can find small things equally important as those that can be achieved in larger scale?

[Almost] every engineer or architect looks for a subject of their design. One that can capture the eyes of any observer. One that will leave his or her name with the structure itself. It is just like any bridge engineer’s dream to design and construct his or her “work of art”. Or it is an architects dream to have his or her concept and design realized in a building or structure. But do we need to accomplish such to be great? I believe there are alternatives.

Small things, when done correctly and with justice, is already great by itself. It just doesn’t earn outright recognition. But when summed up in the end, it will be proved to be more enduring. Take the case of the late Sec. Jesse Robredo. He is just so simple to be so great. Very few person knew that he was an achiever but there are so many persons who cannot accept that fact upon knowing it. When he died in that tragic manner, the world realized that it lost one significant person who may be an essential ingredient for a lasting positive change. Take note, Sec. Jesse had no big news breaking achievement. He just did small but the right things, and the rest was history.

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