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14@14th, 17@15th: Open Letter To My Close Confidant


Happy Anniversary!

It’s like yesterday when I was still finding time to visit you after my teaching schedule in a university. When I first asked you on the 8th, you deferred your answer. Yeah, December 8 would have been the date when you said “yes”. But maybe timing wasn’t right, and I was right. So when the sun, stars, moon, and the planets aligned on the 15th, and your parents left us to talk alone,  you answered “YES”. Yes, on my favorite number 15.

In the interim, i.e. before marriage I should say, I realized I got more reason everyday to be with you the rest of my life. Each day then, I was thinking of how I can establish my own family with you. It was the most challenging financial days of my life: when I need to support my siblings in college, be a part-breadwinner of the family, and save for the wedding, while still indebted to credit cards.

But all those, I surpassed. We surpassed. That made my 25th birthday special because it was my last birthday as single. Same with your birthday the following month. It was our last birthday celebration before we get married. It was the happiest celebration I had in 25 years of my life. We were blessed with two children, and that meant two more birthday celebrations in addition to our birthdays. Look at them now. Look how we get to have our bloodlines continued in their persons. Look how they looked like me. (LoL)

With all these, let me make a proposition. Let this day and thereafter be another chapter of an even happier relationship. I know I made my promise and I will continue to make sure that promise is fulfilled – just like a continuing mandamus imposed upon myself.

While some people experience “mid-life crisis” at our age, I propose we build “mid-life memories” that we will cherish until our last days. I know sometimes it is expensive to explore, but what the heck?! We can earn money lost. But lost time can not be bought by money.  See how older people regretted not doing things they could have done when they were younger, like to travel. I don’t know how the older us will be like, but I want to know what the present us can do while we still can.

This year’s anniversary, just like 2003, will be a major shift. That, I predict. Next year will be another milestone. We already have several scheduled travel adventures. Some with kids, some #jhezthe2ofus. Next year, I am expecting to have that title everyone is dying to have. We both know that I don’t need another title. Our kids don’t need a parent with another title. They just need us. A title sounds like another person when it’s not. It’s just another profession. Same me. If I will ever get that title, it is just a mere incident and not the objective. I cannot have something I already have. In Criminal Law, it is called “impossible crime” because of inherent impossibility of accomplishment or on account of the employment of inadequate or ineffectual means. It is me all along without the title. It will still be me with or without the title. The difference will be: we can have an alternative source of income to finance our adventures.

So much for the promises. Let us #jhezenjoythisday!

I love you.

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