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Lawyer by Choice

(As submitted to be part of “Testimonials” of the ARROWS yearbook)

Life is all about choices. A lot of people would want to be a lawyer but only a few will make it. Many would say that being a lawyer was their childhood dream. Some would only follow the steps of their parents or relatives. Others are being driven to become a lawyers by their parents. To a selected few, being a lawyer is a calling. Yet, whatever reason one should become a lawyer, the choice is a requirement. One must choose to become a lawyer.

Law school is no different. The choice of school likewise matters. To be a successful lawyer, one must rise from the education, training, and discipline of a good law school. While some law schools appear to be better than the others, it’s really more because of the kind of students who underwent the rigorous preparations of becoming a member of the noble law profession. But the training is the same. Books and cases are the same. Arellano University School of Law (AUSL) should also be the same. To be first among equals, one must choose to become first.

I choose to be a good lawyer; and I have chosen AUSL to make it happen.


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Legum Baccalaureus

Five (5) years in the Executive Program and finally, Bachelor of Laws.

Hundred of special days missed and thousand of pages of books and decisions of the Supreme Court read, spending thousands of hours spent just to understand them. This is not fulfilling one’s dream. This is an answer to a calling.

Celebration is still premature as the graduates of Batch 2017 embark in a short four (4) months bar review and take the country’s (and perhaps one of the world’s) most difficult examinations ever administered to mankind.

God speed Batch 2017 for #BarExams2017.

PS: To the author’s wife, Rhea, and his two children, RJ and Jacob, this initial success is dedicated. To God be the glory.

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My 17th Valentine’s Day With You

I love each day,

Skies blue and gray,

Just wanting to say,

That I’m here to stay,

It became a habit,

Not to set a limit,

On how to show it,

And how you love it,

We’re friends before,

I opened that door,

And walked that floor,

Sweethearts therefore,

But when we got married,

And our lives got welded,

The spark never ended,

Instead became unprecedented,

I will never get tired,

Holding your hand tight,

I will  keep your heart tied,

With my heart where it is wired,

I promise not to change,

On every single page,

Of our life and our age,

In and out of that hedge,

I won’t change a thing,

Like the way I sing,

I’ll keep on living,

I’ll keep on loving,

It’s been seventeen times,

That you’re my Valentine,

And it’s perfectly fine,

Now let’s drink that wine,

Seventeen once a year,

Seven hundred times sweeter,

Seven thousand folds lovelier,

And I’m forever your partner.

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12th month of every year;

13 years of marriage since

14 December 2003;

15 December 2000 when she first said YES and it has been

16 years  since then.

Happy Anniversary Rhea!

It isn’t about the numbers. Who said that 13 is a bad number? We’re 13 years as husband and wife, 16 years as sweethearts, yet nothing changed, except our physical attributes. God is always the heart, and love is always the blood, of our relationship.

May we continue to be ourselves – longing for each other;

May we remain indefatigable – understanding each’s strength and weaknesses;

May we continue to be the best of friends – with benefits  ;

Lüving ü always.



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Forty Reasons Why I Love You!


Hi! It’s your birthday once again. But unlike the past celebrations, this time is different. They say life begins at forty – whatever that means. I don’t know if that is even applicable in our case.

Just to give some reasons to stay in love with you, FORTY to be exact:

  1. I knew it’s you, since Day 1 when I met you;
  2. The genuineness of your smile;
  3. The sincerity of your words;
  4. You can withstand my eccentricities;
  5. You know how to take care of the “child in me”;
  6. You always think of me, and let me know it;
  7. You’re an example of religiousness;
  8. You’re not afraid to share your secrets with me;
  9. Ready to always be my confidante;
  10. My longest text and call mate;
  11. Matured thinker, ahead of your age;
  12. Consistently competent with your profession;
  13. You can drive when I cannot;
  14. You can take a two-wheeler too;
  15. You said “YES” on the 15th;
  16. You learned to kiss from me;
  17. I saw my unborn children in you even before we get married;
  18. You love music the way I do;
  19. Faithful to your promises;
  20. Unperturbed by bad influences, even from me;
  21. Not competing with me in eating “liver” stuffs;
  22. A jeepney rider but not beside the driver;
  23. You took me out of the blue… to pink!;
  24. Willing to dispose your Hello Kitty so you can have me beside you;
  25. Very understanding on my deficiencies;
  26. Disciplined and focused on matters needing it;
  27. Passionate about child care;
  28. Hands on with our kid’s school activities and assignments;
  29. Willing to sacrifice for the family’s sake;
  30. Organized on fiscal matters, a.k.a.budget queen;
  31. You mastered the map of Ayala Malls in Makati City;
  32. You admit you are unfamiliar with Mall of Asia;
  33. Always open for learning new things;
  34. Quick learner, and using it to refute my arrogance;
  35. Love just keeps on flowing from you to me and the children;
  36. Always ready to be a future lawyer’s wife;
  37. The very best friend I had;
  38. My first and last, her first and last;
  39. Very supportive and with unparalleled dedication as wife and mother;
  40. I know it will be always you… until the end of time… I LOVE YOU!

Happy Birthday! I hope I can make you as happy as you made me in our cherished years. Love you always and all the time. Mwah!

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Love and Obligation

Love is a real obligation.

It is an obligation to give,

Not an obligation to receive.

Not something you can opt,

To do or not to do.


It is a pure obligation,

And not one with a period.

Not a reciprocal obligation,

Whose fulfillment depends,

Simultaneously with others.


Love is unilateral.

It is not consensual.

Love is still love,

Even if the other can not,

Even if the other will not.

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Rice and shine, it’s 23:59 of 2015!

One minute before the year 2016 starts.

I have to end my 1 year of silent protest; my 12 months of having to let go of something I thought indispensable; that is 365 days without rice or any of its variant.

It might sound like a diet or something, but it’s not. I eat everything I used to eat, sans the rice or any of its variant. That means no “kanin”, “yang chow”, “java rice” “lugaw”, “goto”, “biko”, “suman” or paella; not even brown rice. To supply my carbohydrates, I eat bread. That’s it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from January 2015 until December 31, 2015.

In a few seconds, I will end the protest happy as I have attained and proven a lot of things. I learned how to live each day without our staple food. I mastered to control my gustatory nerves and tell my brain that bread is also rice. I realized that no matter how you give yourself out in the pursuit of justice, there will always be injustice. I came to know that justice, in some cases, may be served through injustice.

In a few seconds, we will all be welcoming year 2016. On my part, I will be starting another year of “giving up” some things. As to what it is will be revealed next year end like this!

Happy New Year people of this universe!


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